Be Careful Who Is In Your Bubble!


When It Comes To Choosing Your Bubble Don't Stay Still!

One of the effects of events of the last year is that we have been encouraged to form 'bubbles'. Usually the bubble will consist of family, care workers, or other essential contacts. Despite that, there is still a need for care when selecting who is in your bubble.

They keyword when making your choice of contacts is the word 'Still'. Consider some suggestions from your guide to 'local businesses near me'. 

Still Complaining?

Life is never completely fair for very long. Just when things seem to be on the way up, someone, or something, throws a spanner in the works!

Despite this, the last thing you need during these stressful times is to surround yourself with those who will exacerbate your anxiety. How can you tell with whom you should limit contact? Well, it's ok to complain when something happens. But, does the contact still complain when things have settle down? If that is the case, stay away from the 'still complainers'.

Still Hating?

What does this mean? It's a fact that someone in our life is going to really upset us, that's a given. However, does your associate still hate the person who crossed them, even if it has been years since the 'offence' occurred. If that is the case, they are 'still hating' and will only drag you down.

Still Losing?

No, we are not singling out gamblers here! So, who is a still losing individual?

Still losing means someone who never seems to catch a trick. Whether they are starting a business, experiencing regular relationship break ups, or experiencing a never ending stream of 'bad luck', they always seem to lose. Why is that kind of person bad for you?

There is a compelling reason to shrug off the 'still losing' individual. The main reason is that constant losing cultivates a negative spirit. This can affect you enormously. For instance, say you want to sell your car, the 'still loser' will say: I have never sold a car for a profit, don't waste your time, you'll only end up crying. 

You just don't need more negativity in your life, so ditch the 'still losing' crowd.

Still Broke

Of course, don't abandon your friends who are in need. Giving is one of the most joyous things we can do. However, we may have friends who are always broke. They either are unmotivated workers, or spend more than they earn. Most of all, they are dangerous.

The personality that this kind of person engenders is that of quicksand. They will suck in any positivity, goals, or ambition that you have, only for it to never reappear. Stick the friendship in the quicksand before your life course does!

Still Not Making A Change

This kind of person is the 'sloth' of progress. They simply aren't motivated in anything, and are content to stay there! You will likely be influenced by their sleepy approach to life, and this is something that you simply don't need.

If you can't get rid of the no changer, perhaps because they are a close family member, then reduce contact. Their slothfulness is contagious, don't be infected!

Still Making Excuses

Have you ever met someone who always has an excuse for everything that ever goes wrong? These kind of people are everywhere, but what is the cause?

Oftentimes, those who are 'still making excuses' just want to blame everyone else for their concerns. This indicates a very serious problem...the inability to maturely accept responsibility for their mistakes, or to accept responsibility for how they react to others' mistakes. You simply don't need immature individuals in your life.

Of course, you could try to set the person straight, maybe point them in the right direction. However, it will be more likely that your 'help' will be firmly rejected. If the person is likely to follow that course, get rid of them. It will likely be your fault (at least in their eyes), however it will improve your life!

Don't Be Still

The simple fact is that if you surround yourself with 'still' people, your life, ambition, goals, and motivation are also likely to stand still. So, selectively and compassionately remove the STILL people from your life, and start to make progress!