How To Choose The Best Local Restaurant in London

 When it comes to choosing a local restaurant, or even a  London supermarket, there is one selection choice that can really mean the difference between a great night out, or an absolute disaster of a night. What is it?

Firstly, it has to be said that there are no shortages of great restaurants in London. After all, with the cosmopolitan, and diverse make up of the population, just about any taste, or cultural preference is more than adequately catered for! However, with so many establishments to choose from, the wide variety can also mean a massive difference in quality.

Of course, you could refer to an online guide on a website such as TripAdvisor, and they certainly do provide excellent review based choices. However, there is a much simpler way, especially if you are cruising the streets, looking for something quick and convenient.

The Biggest Tell Tale Sign

How To Choose A Great London Restaurant

The single best way to see if your choice of restaurant is going to be the right one, is by going by what the locals choose. Yes, it is, in itself, another kind of review based decision. However, this one is a 'live' review in that by seeing how popular the restaurant is when you are passing in comparison with others, is a good indication as to how it's patrons view the service, quality, and price.

When choosing a restaurant, don't go for the one with the attractive person alone in the place. After all, that person may be the owner, or the owner's spouse! No, go for a place that has a busy feel, with a good cross section of patrons.

However, when it comes to the subject of value for money, there is another massive indicator as to what you will receive if you visit that restaurant. What is it?

Eat Where The Students Eat

Follow The Students!

Of course, as already discussed, going where others are is a sure sign of popularity. However, for value for money, you need to choose what those who are short of cash choose. What do we mean?

Students are generally economising. With hefty fees, and very little income, students are experts at sniffing out the best value for money dining around. As such, if you see a restaurant that is popular with students, the chances are that you have hit a winner for great food, at a wallet saving price!

This choice, of course, is only important for those who don't want to spend a pretty penny. However, if you are just after great food, then just use the first selection criteria, that of general popularity.

Summing It All Up

So, in summary, Review based selections really are the best way to choose restaurants, supermarkets, just about anything. However, if you don't have time to cruise the web, look for live reviews.

Go for a walk! Check out which establishment is popular with the locals, and chances are, you'll make the best choice for dinner that night!

Bon Appetit!!